"Water table dips 150 ft..." This Punjab village rings alarm over farming practice, reveals measures

Jun 18, 2024

Bhatinda (Punjab), June 18 (ANI): Gurbachan Singh Sewa Samiti Society of Baloh village in Bathinda district announced Rs 500 per acre compensation for farmers who will start transplanting paddy from June 25. As per a state government notification, six districts of Punjab, including Bathinda, will start transplanting paddy in the fields from June 11. The monsoon is expected to reach the state around June 25th. Baloh village in Bathinda became the first to adopt such measures to conserve groundwater." Karamjit Singh, a member of the Society, said, "There is a Committee within the Sewa Samiti Society. It passed a resolution that those who will indulge in transplanting paddy after 25th June will be given Rs 500 per acre as compensation. The water crisis is increasing day after day. The water table is going down. Yesterday, the water table went down by around 150 ft in our village. We decided to do this after the 25th so that we can conserve water in a way. Ours will be the first village to do this.”