Joe Biden urges US Congress to pass Bipartisan Budget Agreement

May 29, 2023

Washington (USA) May 29 (ANI): US President Joe Biden on May 29 while delivering remarks on the Bipartisan Budget Agreement said the only way forward for the US is a Bipartisan Budget Agreement and urged Congress to pass the agreement. Joe Biden said, “We’ve reached a bipartisan budget agreement that we’re ready to move to the full Congress and I think it’s a really important step forward. The agreement prevents the worst possible crisis- a default, for the first time in our nation’s history.” “The Speaker and I made clear from the start that the only way forward was a bipartisan agreement, that agreement now goes to the United States House and to the Senate. I strongly urge both chambers to pass that agreement. Let’s keep moving forward on meeting our obligations and building the strongest economy in the history of the world,” he added.