‘I know men who are insecure of my success’; PeeCee opens up on pay parity, shares life experiences

Apr 19, 2023

Mumbai, April 19 (ANI): Opening up on pay parity and her personal experiences pertaining the same, global sensation Priyanka Chopra on April 18 in Mumbai revealed that she knows men in her life who are insecure of her success. However, she also spoke about the men that she knows are happy for her success and gave the example of her parents and her husband, American singer-songwriter Nick Jonas. “I have some incredible men in my life who are not insecure of my success but I also have men in my life who are very insecure of my success. So I think that men have enjoyed the freedom and the pride of being the bread winners or the leaders of the family. It’s threatening to their territory when a woman does that or if a woman is more successful or a man is staying at home and woman is going out to work,” the actor said.