“Gaza becoming graveyard for children…” United Nations Chief’s alarming message amid Israel-Hamas war

Nov 07, 2023

New Delhi, November 7 (ANI): It has been a month since the deadly war between Israel and Hamas initiated. On Oct 07, Hamas militant group launched a surprise attack on Israel, killing 1,400 people. In retaliation, Israel launched an operation ‘Iron Swords’ against Hamas terrorist group. Innocent children on both sides have been bearing the brunt as war escalated. UN Chief António Guterres raised concerns over the killing of children in Gaza. He said that the Gaza Strip is becoming a graveyard for innocent children. After the Oct 07 attack, Israel vowed to wipe out Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip. Palestinian Health Ministry said that 10,022 people have been killed in Gaza, including over 4,100 children, 2,600 women. US officials were working to secure a humanitarian pause in Gaza that would advance getting more aid to Palestinians. The ceasefire between Israel, Hamas is nowhere in sight as IDF continues to pound Hamas hideouts.