US, UK announce new strategic agreement

US, UK announce new strategic agreement

Jun 09, 2023

Washington [US], June 9: The United States and Britain have announced a new strategic agreement, as the leaders of the two countries focus on a "special relationship" to deal with Russia, China and economic instability, AFP news agency reported on June 9 .
During the summit at the White House on June 8, US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak showed unity in dealing with Russia after Moscow's military campaign in Ukraine, as well as rapid development. like the storm of artificial intelligence (AI).
However, the UK has yet to reach a post-Brexit free trade agreement with the US, instead planning to pursue a green economy through subsidizing many industries.
The Atlantic Declaration issued by the leaders of the two countries focuses on promoting relations in the field of defense and renewable energy, in order to cope with the competition of some other countries.
According to Prime Minister Sunak, countries like China and Russia are ready to manipulate and exploit, or steal intellectual property, to withdraw vital resources such as energy. "They won't succeed," he said.
According to the joint statement, the two sides agreed to open dialogues about the US handling of key minerals used in batteries in the UK.
Biden also agreed to ask Congress to consider Britain as an inside source for defense procurement, accelerating development of next-generation weapons such as hypersonic missiles.
Despite the lack of a deal on trade, Prime Minister Sunak said the "economic relationship has never been stronger" and described the "special relationship" as an indispensable alliance.
Prime Minister Sunak's first summit meeting at the White House was also important in terms of personal bonding.
President Biden agreed that for the US, "no other country is as close" in importance as the UK. The two leaders agreed that the global economy is undergoing its biggest changes since the Industrial Revolution, partly due to AI.
The White House boss supports Prime Minister Sunak's plan to gather like-minded countries for the first AI summit in the UK this year.
The two leaders promised to spearhead global support for Ukraine, after pledging billions of dollars in military aid to help the country counter Russia.
In addition, the two sides also discussed NATO leadership, with British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace among the candidates when the alliance is due to meet for a summit in Vilnius (Lithuania) next month.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper