US Announces Closure of Capitol Building, Grounds on Inauguration Day

US Announces Closure of Capitol Building, Grounds on Inauguration Day

Jan 15, 2021

Washington (US), January 15: The US Capitol building and grounds will be closed to the public on Inauguration Day, the Capitol police announced in a press release.
"Be advised that the US Capitol complex is closed to the public, and the Capitol grounds will not be accessible to the public on January 20, 2021," the release said on Thursday. "Anyone attempting to unlawfully gain access to the Capitol grounds by climbing a fence or any other unlawful means will be subject to an appropriate use of force and arrest."
On Wednesday, supporters of President Donald Trump forced their way into the Capitol building in a failed attempt to protest the certification of the Electoral College vote, among unsubstantiated claims by the president that the vote results were invalid and had robbed him of an election victory. Trump supporters clashed with police, caused widespread damage and vandalism, and saw five killed, including a Capitol police officer who was beaten to death by the mob and an Air Force veteran who was shot dead by plainclothes police.
As a result, authorities have deployed some 6,500 National Guard troops to aid police and federal law enforcement agencies in guarding the Capitol, the release said.
The 20 January inauguration takes place on a stage in front of the Capitol's West Front, allowing spectators to gather on an open mall that extends beyond the Washington monument.
Authorities expect Wednesday's crowd to be relatively small compared with past inaugurations, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic ravaging the nation.
Source: Sputnik