Top 10 Emerging Entrepreneurs Revolutionizing Industries in 2023

Top 10 Emerging Entrepreneurs Revolutionizing Industries in 2023

Jun 01, 2023

New Delhi [India], June 1: In today's dynamic world, emerging entrepreneurs are revolutionizing industries, challenging norms, and driving innovation. With their fresh ideas and relentless determination, they reshape the business landscape, leaving an indelible mark on various sectors. These visionaries are the driving force behind transformative change and economic growth.
Pooja A Arambhan, Co-Founder & CEO at iiV Health Solutions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
"A winner is just a loser who tried one more time" - George A. Moore Jr. is a maxim Pooja has lived by. She prides herself on the pillars of Intention, Consistency, and Progress, which have propelled her professional growth. As the Co-founder & CEO of iiV Health Solutions, a women-led preventive health tech company, Pooja is committed to bringing Affordable, Accessible, and Accurate Preventive Health Tech to 50,000 locations across Urban & Rural India. Their focus is on early screening and detection of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), prevalent among diabetics. With the world's first non-invasive, affordable smart device, iiVH-FootPlus, leveraging remote diagnostics and AI/ML, they aim to tackle the underdiagnosed issue. Pooja's accomplishments include being recognized at the Indian Science Congress, showcasing her technology at TEDx, and receiving the Women Power in Health Tech Award. She continues to contribute to women's empowerment and serves as the youngest Vice-Chairperson at FICCI FLO, Mumbai, working towards fostering entrepreneurship.

, CEO & Co-founder at TNW - The Natural Wash, Delhi

Unveiling the Radiant Path: TNW - The Natural Wash's Entrepreneurial Journey
In a world inundated with synthetic skincare options, TNW - The Natural Wash has transformed the industry with its nature-based approach. The dynamic duo of Shivangi Goel and Akshit Goel embarked on this journey 3.5 years ago, fuelled by their passion for natural skincare. Today, their resplendent success is evident through their remarkable monthly sales of 3.5 Crores. What makes their story truly remarkable is their bootstrapped beginning, etching them as the youngest skincare brand entrepreneurs. From personally fetching deliveries to save on freight costs to sun-drying ingredients, they have experienced the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Starting with just the two of them, TNW has now grown into a thriving team of 80+ employees. TNW's commitment to excellence has led them to expand their offerings, now including apparel, and further expanding to luxury beauty.
TNW's entrepreneurial journey serves as an inspiration, urging us to dare to dream big.
Naina Ruhail, Founder of Vanity Wagon, Delhi
With a master's in business and over 11 years of experience in marketing-tech and beauty, is the driving force behind Vanity Wagon. She holds education credentials from the London School of Makeup and the London School of Styling. As the Creative Head and Co-CEO at Vanity Wagon, Naina leverages data and technology to understand the global demand for Clean Beauty, translating it into the life-holistic Clean Beauty Market. Under Naina's guidance, Vanity Wagon has grown rapidly over the last 4 years, establishing itself as a customer-focused leader in the Clean Beauty Industry in India. With an Army background and education from Army Public School in Pune, Naina's passion for beauty led her to become an influential international beauty influencer, inspiring countless women. Naina's goal is to make Vanity Wagon the largest Clean Beauty Retailer in the APAC region. Recently, she was honored with the Business World Well-being 40 Under 40 Award in March 2023.
Dr Taruna Yadav, Founder at Wholistic Health, Faridabad
Dr Taruna is a senior Ayurvedic doctor, integrated nutrition and lifestyle expert, author, speaker, and certified stress management consultant from the UK. She is also the founder of "Dr. Taruna's Wholistic Health," a preventive health and corporate wellness company. She combines her expertise in Ayurveda, nutrition, and stress management with her more than 15 years of experience in preventative and holistic health to help people attain their utmost physical and emotional well-being. She has also written two books on healthy eating and stress management. Her expertise has led her to be invited as a speaker at various prestigious forums and contribute to expert columns in esteemed media publications such as India Today, Newsweek, Vogue, Femina, Grazia, Elle, and more. Through her company, Dr. Taruna aims to provide authentic, research-based information and promote alternative health practices to help individuals manage lifestyle problems and attain holistic health. "Wholistic Health" has been recognized as one of the "10 most promising Corporate Wellness Providers 2023" by Silicon India magazine.
Apoorva Bhatnagar, Founder of Garvili, Delhi
Apoorva Bhatnagar, a passionate fashion designer and entrepreneur, embarked on her journey at a young age, driven by determination. Despite studying science, she followed her inner voice and pursued a career in fashion. Overcoming numerous obstacles, she was inspired to start her own clothing label. In 2019, armed with research and planning, she launched Garvili, a brand that fuses trendy styles with traditional elements, prioritizing comfort and affordability. Garvili stands out by embracing inclusive sizing and offering customization services, ensuring all women can find perfectly fitting outfits. With a commitment to sustainability, the brand follows a "Made to Order" model, reducing environmental impact. Garvili's exceptional collection includes outfits for various occasions, from formal to festive and wedding wear. Through their website,
, Garvili provides high-quality products at affordable prices, quickly establishing itself as a trusted brand in women's fashion.
Sanotery Dilwalia, Founder- Dilwalia Technology Pvt. Ltd, Delhi
Sanotery Dilwalia was born on 2nd April 1975 in a joint family of ten. Despite the societal norm of early marriages for girls, she became the first girl in her family to graduate among her siblings. After completing her Bachelor of Arts degree from Delhi University, she got married during her post-graduation in 2000. However, her in-laws and husband's lack of support forced her to abandon her studies and become a homemaker. Financial struggles plagued her life when her husband lost his job, and subsequent business attempts failed. In 2013, she worked as a teacher for a mere Rs2000 to make ends meet. Facing adversity, she borrowed money from her older sisters and made a bold decision to leave her in-laws' home. Determined to prove them wrong, she used the borrowed funds and established a successful educational institution. COVID-19 disrupted her progress, forcing her to restart and even sell her property. Amid the pandemic, she demonstrated her compassion by caring for stray dogs and establishing a veterinary clinic to aid their recovery. This year, on 15th May 2023, her veterinary clinic, IB Vets, completed its first year with the unwavering support of her son, Milind Dilwalia, and her husband.
Jhoomar Mehta, Founder - Prod, Delhi

Prod is a dynamic creative agency that supports key stakeholders in shaping India's development story. It specializes in crafting impactful narratives that resonate with the diverse Indian audience. The team's expertise includes strategic communications, visual design, branding, content creation, and digital outreach. Founder Jhoomar Mehta, with extensive experience in the development sector and a keen eye for emerging trends, has positioned Prod as an industry leader. Prod collaborates with renowned brands, helping them expand their conscious footprint globally. The team actively engages in policy discussions, guiding philanthropies, businesses, and governments. With a strong belief in the transformative power of storytelling, Jhoomar's mission is to empower client organisations and curate narratives that reflect a thriving India and inspire positive change. Join Prod as they redefine impactful communication and ignite meaningful action
Kanchan Singh Satpathy, Director- Forte Point India Pvt. Ltd, Gurugram

Kanchan Singh Satpathy, a 'Parallel' entrepreneur, defied her service-class family's expectations by becoming an architect and lawyer. As the director of Forte Point India Pvt Ltd., she has three decades of experience in designing and constructing exemplary realty and housing projects. Kanchan is an alumnus of BITs Mesra and IIM Ahmedabad, currently pursuing a master's in Psychology. A lifelong learner, she believes in constant evolution and avoiding stagnation. Known for her optimism, she lives by the motto, "if you lose, you learn; if you win, you learn." Kanchan is the founder and director of Reciprocity Pvt Ltd., empowering entrepreneurship through business networking. Additionally, she runs a book club and recently ventured into the FMCG sector with Spice Rack BY FPI Organics. Kanchan is an angel investor in India's pet care sector and serves as the president of Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI's) entrepreneurship council in Haryana. She has received numerous awards, including the Global Triumph Foundation Women Excellence Summit and Women Power Inspirational Women in Business Award. Diversity and inclusion are her unbeatable strengths.
Priyatham Kumar, founder - Homes247, Bengaluru
Priyatham Kumar, the founder of, India's Favourite Property Portal, is a highly respected real estate veteran in India. As a noted technocrat, he is among the few in the country who envisioned a radical real estate shift driven by technology. With over 22 years of sales experience, including 12 focused exclusively on real estate, and armed with an engineering education and an IIM background, Priyatham Kumar serves as a mentor to many key players in today's real estate market. Homes247 is India's top PropTech platform, specializing in home buying, lead generation, and realty digital marketing. The firm is completely self-funded and bootstrapped, with the generated revenue reinvested to foster the company's growth. Originating from a humble background, Priyatham Kumar's tireless dedication and hard work are paving the way for to become a prominent real estate brand across major tier 1 and tier 2 cities in India, garnering significant attention.
Rahul Mehta, Founder at Nandish Communication, Delhi
Rahul Mehta, the founder of Nandish Communication, has made a significant impact in the advertising and media industry. With a diverse background in banking, recruitment, and advertising spanning over 15 years, Rahul's passion for effective communication led him to establish his own PR agency.
Nandish Communication has emerged as a leading PR agency in India, serving over 500 satisfied clients. The agency's success can be attributed to its comprehensive range of services, including print, digital, events, radio, and outdoor media. With a network of over 200 leading publications, Nandish Communication provides clients with unparalleled access to strategic media placements, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement for their brands.
The team's dedication and innovative approach have resulted in numerous successful campaigns, positioning Nandish Communication as a trusted industry partner. Rahul Mehta's vision and passion have transformed the agency into a go-to destination for businesses seeking effective PR solutions, redefining industry standards and helping clients achieve their communication goals.
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