The US has a new response to the UAV attack on Moscow, sending more weapons to Ukraine

The US has a new response to the UAV attack on Moscow, sending more weapons to Ukraine

Jun 01, 2023

Washington [US], June 1: The US side on May 31 had a new response to the attack on Moscow by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at dawn on May 30, and announced a new military aid package for Ukraine.
The US National Security Council 's coordinator for strategic communications John Kirby said on May 31 that the administration of President Joe Biden did not know who was responsible for the drone attack in Moscow early on May 30, according to Reuters.
Mr. Kirby said the US did not have "specific information to tell us who was responsible", and Washington did not plan to investigate the incident.
Kirby also said that the US does not encourage Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory because it does not want to escalate the conflict, according to CNN.
Kirby stressed that the US conducts military exercises with Ukraine to train its military operations, but does not support attacks inside Russia, according to TASS news agency. Earlier, the White House said on May 30 that the United States was still gathering information about reports related to the attack on Moscow by the aforementioned UAV, reiterating that Washington does not support attacks inside Russian territory, according to Reuters. .
Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on May 30 that Ukraine's largest-ever drone strike on Moscow was aimed at intimidating and provoking Russia, according to Reuters. Putin viewed the attack as a terroristic response after Russia carried out an attack on Ukraine's military intelligence service in Kyiv a few days ago.
President Putin made this statement after the RIA Novosti news agency quoted a notice from the Russian Defense Ministry saying that the Ukrainian military used eight UAVs for the attack that took place at dawn on May 30. Three UAVs were suppressed by the Russian electronic warfare force, causing them to lose control and deviate from their intended target. The remaining five UAVs were shot down by Russia in the Moscow region with a Pantsir-S gun and missile system.
Also on May 31, the White House announced the latest military aid package worth up to $300 million to Ukraine, including air defense systems, ammunition and other defense equipment, according to Reuters.
The Pentagon said the new security support package includes several Patriot air defense batteries, Stinger air defense systems, tank ammunition and a list of other equipment.
In total, the United States has committed more than $38.3 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since President Biden took office in January 2021. That includes more than $37.6 billion since Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, according to Reuters.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper