Innovative Approach to NEET Preparation: How Biomentors is Redefining EdTech in Medical Education; starting the awaited RRR batch on 15th Oct

Innovative Approach to NEET Preparation: How Biomentors is Redefining EdTech in Medical Education; starting the awaited RRR batch on 15th Oct

Sep 21, 2023

SRV Media
New Delhi [India], September 21: As medical aspirants gear themselves to conquer NEET 2024, 
Online, a leading coaching institution, is set to launch its much-awaited Repeaters Rapid Revision (RRR) batch on 15th October 2023. Powered by expert faculty members, a disciplined study framework and a potent AI-driven student progress tracking system, the RRR batch is aimed at helping NEET repeaters accelerate their progress and become competent enough to achieve 650+ marks in under 100 days of preparation. Owing to the platform's innovative pedagogy, repeaters will now become not just more confident but also significantly better prepared for the fierce competition around NEET 2024, which, given the general trend of NEET applications, is likely to witness more applicants than ever.
To elaborate on the important role the RRR batch is set to play in the preparation journey of repeaters, it suffices to recall the massive number of applications NEET 2023 alone received. As per news reports, the 2023 edition of the entrance exam saw an all-time high registration, clocking around 20.87 applicants out of which only 1,01,043 got MBBS seats. The figures signal that the repeaters would have to compete against a higher number of candidates next year, scrambling for a fixed number of medical seats, thus making the RRR batch a more crucial student-centric initiative than ever before. In this endeavour, one of the highlights of Biomentors’s student-friendly pedagogy would be its thrust on using AI to track the performance of the candidates. The multitude of AI tools that the platform uses not only traces the overall arc of the student's progress but also identifies the weak areas in preparation and suggests methods of improvement.
The new batch aside, the company is gearing itself for another milestone as the Biomentors classes online Community on YouTube is set to reach 1 million subscribers; currently, the subscriber count stands at around 9.1 lakh. The projected milestone and the current reach of the YouTube channel attest to the fact that Biomentors is successfully carrying out one of the primary goals it set at the time of its inception: making a level playing field by bridging the gap around the availability of knowledge and valuable resources for NEET preparation.
Towards the success of Biomentors candidates and the venture’s aim of leveraging technology to close the knowledge gap,  the company harnesses the power of AI. The company’s growth suggests that apart from tracking the real-time progress of the students, there are several advantages of using AI. For example, by keeping records of the candidates’ attendance, the AI-driven application gives a clear picture to all the Biomentors stakeholders of the regularity and sincerity of the candidates' preparation. Moreover, the AI capabilities of the venture identify an individual learner's distinctive study patterns and use personal analytics for a personalised and cost-effective study plan. The AI features also offer consistent and impartial feedback devoid of human errors leading to optimisation of study time and improved prediction of success rates. The AI tools effectively collect student feedback and incorporate changes accordingly. Further, by incorporating gamification elements including badges and leaderboards, the AI features of Biomentors constantly motivate students and help them seamlessly cope with other commitments, while ensuring continuous improvement via 24/7 assistance.

About the heavy incorporation of AI in the platform, Dr Geetendra Singh, Founder & CEO - Biomentors Online said, "While the use of AI in competitive exam preparation has numerous advantages, it's important to acknowledge some potential concerns. These include issues related to data privacy, over-reliance on technology, and the need for human touchpoints in education. Nonetheless, from my perspective, the integration of AI in online exam preparation has significantly improved the learning experience, making it more efficient, personalised, and accessible for all students. This is why has been at the forefront of adapting AI towards the progress of our candidates. Also, with the help of AI, we are able to boost the flexibility of a tech-driven education via working, helping countless students across geographies."
Moreover, Biomentors also believes that technology plays a major role at the heart of the discourse around democratising aspirants’ access to quality educators and study material. This is why the platform emphasises immensely its well-proven array of tech innovations such as, offering freshly recorded video lectures, live virtual classes, discussion forms that carry student doubts and ensure clarity of concepts beyond classes at no added cost, and Weekly All India Online tests along with Daily Commands and motivation.
Owing to the tech-driven model of pedagogy, the list of facilities offered by Biomentors is affordable to a large section of students who now can reach out to leading educators in the country from the comfort of their homes, while also avoiding the logistics cost of seeking offline mentorship. More importantly, the digital online format of learning ensures that students can move at their own pace, thus improving their retention. Biomentors also enhances learning with NCERT-based videos, audiobooks, and printed materials. Starting October 1, 2023, the company will offer NCERT blogs, while a revision-focused podcast is on the anvil.
Other key factors behind the success of Biomentors candidates are the Daily Practice Papers along with Weekly All India Online tests which are at par with NEET’s level of difficulty. The tests and the practice papers just instil discipline in the candidates. Also, due to regular evaluation, the candidates remain aware of their growth.
Biomentors has seen impressive growth, with over 3.5 lac students enrolled and 16423 selections in the last 5 years for Government MBBS seats, clocking around 30% YoY revenue growth as a profitable, bootstrapped company. Taking its EdTech innovation in Medical Education, the company plans to expand globally in 2024, targeting 50% growth and becoming a one-stop solution for global medical entrance exams by 2025.
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