Here's How DogeMiyagi Can Change The DeFi Landscape Like Cosmos And Chainlink

Here's How DogeMiyagi Can Change The DeFi Landscape Like Cosmos And Chainlink

Jun 07, 2023

New Delhi [India], June 7: The decentralised finance (DeFi) space has been taking off in the last few years. Within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, strong DeFi platforms have gained prominence and recognition, with many investors enamoured by what Cosmos (ATOM) and Chainlink (LINK) offer. Now it's time to ask whether
can change the DeFi landscape in a similar fashion as the new meme coin joins the market.
Cosmos and Chainlink are two prominent decentralised finance (DeFi) platforms that have gained significant recognition and adoption within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Both platforms have distinct features and provide essential infrastructure for the development of decentralised applications (dApps) and the seamless integration of cryptocurrencies within the broader financial landscape. They have, for a long time, been the standard for other cryptocurrencies. Now, DogeMiyagi looks to emulate their levels of success.
Cosmos Is An Open Source Platform Of Reliability
Cosmos is a cool open-source blockchain platform that helps different blockchains work together. It lets you make your own blockchains that can talk to each other through the Cosmos Hub. One of the best things about Cosmos is that it helps solve the problem of blockchains being too slow. Big ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum can use Cosmos to connect and send money faster. This makes the whole cryptocurrency world work better.
When it comes to DeFi (that's short for decentralised finance), Cosmos is a strong base for making things like decentralised exchanges and lending apps. With Cosmos, you can easily move your money between different chains. That means more chances to make money and get access to different kinds of money. Plus, you don't have to rely on big exchanges as much, which makes everything more secure and fair. Cosmos gives developers the power to make DeFi stuff that can work on lots of blockchains at once.

Chainlink Makes Most Of Smart Contracts
On the other hand, Chainlink focuses on solving the "oracle problem" in smart contracts. Smart contracts are self-executing agreements that run on blockchain networks, but they lack the ability to interact with real-world data. Oracles act as bridges between smart contracts and external data sources, providing essential information for the execution of smart contract logic.
Chainlink is very important in the DeFi world. Lots of DeFi apps need accurate and up-to-date data for things like prices, lending rates, and insurance costs. That's where Chainlink's decentralised oracle network comes in. It connects developers to loads of reliable data sources, making sure the DeFi system stays safe from data manipulation. Chainlink's got a great reputation and a strong community that makes its oracles trustworthy.
But Chainlink isn't just about prices. It can also do complex calculations outside the blockchain, keeping data private and secure. This opens up new possibilities for DeFi, like decentralised insurance, prediction markets, and managing supply chains. It's really cool for handling sensitive info.
Cosmos and Chainlink are both super important for DeFi. Cosmos lets different blockchains work together and scale up, which is a big deal. And Chainlink makes sure the data in smart contracts is reliable. Together, they make DeFi better by bringing transparency, efficiency, and security to the world of decentralised finance.

Can DogeMiyagi Meet The Standards Set By Cosmos And Chainlink?
DogeMiyagi is the new meme coin on the market that has been gathering attention and excitement. It's coined from the iconic Mr Miyagi character in the much-loved Karate Kid franchise, thus making it a coin with an eye-catching name. DogeMiyagi will be hoping to dominate the DeFi space in the future so how does it integrate DeFi into its platform?
The $MIYAGI token's connection to DeFi platforms lets users use its special features while joining in on decentralised finance stuff. DogeMiyagi uses smart contracts and blockchain to make sure transactions, lending, and yield farming are safe and easy to see. By working with DeFi platforms, users can enjoy all these cool features and be part of the awesome DogeMiyagi community.
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