Embrace Shift-Left Security for DevSecOps Success: Canarys Hosts Event for Technology and Business Leaders

Embrace Shift-Left Security for DevSecOps Success: Canarys Hosts Event for Technology and Business Leaders

Feb 13, 2024

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 13: In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring software security from the outset is no longer an option, it's an absolute necessity. To address this critical need, Canarys Automations Limited (NSE: CANARYS), a leading DevOps consulting firm with over 20 years of experience, hosted an exclusive event titled "Embrace Shift-Left Security for DevSecOps Success" at the Radisson MIDC Mumbai on 1st February. This event, designed for technology and business leaders, delved into the transformative role of DevSecOps in fostering secure and innovative software development.
Shifting Security Left: A Proactive Approach
Traditionally, security testing often came as an afterthought in the software development lifecycle. This 'patch later' approach, however, leaves applications vulnerable to security breaches and compliance issues. DevSecOps offers a proactive solution by integrating security best practices throughout the entire development process. By incorporating security tools and techniques early on, DevSecOps empowers teams to identify and address vulnerabilities before they become costly problems.
Mahesha Pandit, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Canarys, highlighted the importance of DevSecOps: "It's not just about deploying code; it's about embedding security into the very DNA of development and operations. DevSecOps is the key to mitigating risks, ensuring compliance, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement in the pursuit of secure and reliable software delivery."
In his keynote talk, VP of DevOps Consulting Business at Canarys Nagaraj Bhairaji, emphasized on the shift left approach of security in software development. He talked about the evolution of DevOps into DevSecOps where the company takes on a security-first mindset, putting security into every phase of the development lifecycle, from design to delivery. He also explained how companies can gain both the speed with DevOps practices and the holistic security with peace of mind that comes with DevSecOps.
Event Highlights:
* Tailored for Key Decision-Makers: The event catered to both technical and business leaders, addressing the importance of DevSecOps from strategic and practical perspectives.
* Igniting Transformation and Growth: Participants gained valuable insights on how DevSecOps can fuel organizational growth through secure and efficient software delivery.
* Elevating Software Innovation: Attendees discovered how DevSecOps empowers teams to build better and more secure applications, unlocking true innovation potential.
* Connecting with Industry Leaders: Experts, peers, and industry leaders at the forefront of DevSecOps adoption and implementation networked and shared valuable insights.
Speaker Expertise:
* Selza Carmel Noronha, VP Solutions Sales
* Nagaraj Bhairaji, VP DevOps Consulting Business
* Sriramdas Balaji, Azure DevOps Technical Consultant
* Aniruddha Jere, Senior Technical Consultant
Canarys Proven Track Record:
Canarys is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation, GitHub Verified Partner, GitLab Certified Professional Services Partner (PSP) and GitLab Open Partner, and Atlassian Silver Solution Partner providing DevOps & DevSecOps solutions using GitLab, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Atlassian, SonarQube, Kubernetes and other devops platforms for 1000+ customers, covering over 30+ cities across India, APAC, and USA. They provide solutions and services around DevOps platform Implementation, Pipeline Automations, implementation of DevSecOps, Containerization of applications, Process workflow automation and customization, Integrations & Migrations between various DevOps tools.
They have been recognized for their commitment to innovation and excellence, receiving numerous awards, including:
* 2023 DevOps Conclave Awards:
* Leader in DevOps Solutions
* Most Innovative DevOps Company
* Best DevOps Solution Provider
* Microsoft Awards:
* 2018 DevOps Partner of the Year: Finalist
* 2017 DevOps Partner of the Year: Finalist
* 2014 Application Lifecycle Management Partner of the Year: Finalist
About Canarys:
Canarys is a leading IT solutions provider with over 30 years of existence in the industry. Our expertise lies in enabling digital transformation for businesses through our comprehensive range of software solutions in the space of Digital DevOps. Digitalization, Modernization, Automation and Intelligence. With a team of 500+ technology solutions professionals, we are committed to delivering innovative and tailored solutions to meet our client needs.
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Nagaraj Bhairaji
VP- DevOps
Mobile: +91 9902651998
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