Cameroon bans skin whitening products

Cameroon bans skin whitening products

Aug 21, 2022

Yaounde [Cameroon], August 21: Cameroonian Minister of Public health Manaouda Malachie on Friday banned skin whitening products in the country.
The minister said in a statement that importation, production and distribution of cosmetic products containing three bleaching agents -- hydroquinone and its derivatives and corticosteroids -- have been prohibited in the Central African nation.
The minister last week suspended a drinkable skin whitening product that had become popular in the country, warning that substances contained in the drink could be poisonous.
Products that are not regulated could cause skin cancer, skin irritation or other health risks, he warned.
The Central African nation has seen a rise in the number of people using skin whitening products in recent months, but medical experts and dermatologists have warned the practice can be potentially dangerous.
Source: Xinhua