Bus accident in Bolivia kills 5

Bus accident in Bolivia kills 5

Aug 21, 2022

La Paz [Bolivia], August 21: A bus crash on a roadway in western Bolivia left five people dead and 15 injured on Saturday, local authorities said.
The bus belonging to a Bolivian company crashed into a boulder on the route connecting the Bolivian departments of Oruro and Potosi, said Sergio Valdivia, director of the Potosi transit operations agency.
"According to the testimony of the injured, the driver fell asleep and could not control the vehicle on a curve, and it collided with a boulder," the official said, adding that an investigation into the cause of the incident is still underway, and "an official report will be issued later."
A preliminary police report confirmed that all victims were female.
Images and videos published on social media and television showed that windows on the right side of the bus were broken when loose rocks fell onto the vehicle, causing further injury to the passengers.
The injured were transferred to a hospital in the city of Potosi.
Source: Xinhua