India's first High speed Crossover introduced by DFCCIL

Nov 25, 2020

Tundla (Uttar Pradesh) November 25 (ANI): First time in the history of Indian Railways, High speed turnout, on which trains can move at the speed of 55 kmph, has been introduced by Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL). When a train moves from Main Line to Loop line, it has to negotiate a crossover. For this purpose, turnouts/crossovers are laid. Trains used to slow down to negotiate crossovers and turnouts. In Indian Railways, the speed of trains on crossovers is generally 15 kmph and on some of the routes it is 30 kmph. However on DFCCIL, these crossovers are fit for a designed speed of 55 kmph. The total number of turnouts on DFCCIL is 1500. DFCCIL is committed for targeted commissioning of the section and till date 500 km stretch are being used by running trains. By March 2021, it will increase to 992 km. Remaining all 1700 km route, i.e. 60% project will be completed by June 2022.