Infinite Arcade announces scholarship program in India - Now Earn While You Play

Infinite Arcade announces scholarship program in India - Now Earn While You Play

May 24, 2022

New Delhi [India], May 24 (ANI/SRV): Infinite Arcade, a blockchain platform that is bringing the skyrocketing mobile gaming industry into the metaverse, has announced a scholarship program for Indian gamers who will now no longer need to buy NFTs to play games.
Riding on the wave of a huge gaming community that exists in India, Infinite Arcade is opening more doors for gamers.
Interested gamers can enter the scholarship program to play games and earn money by filling out a form for the application and choosing from the gamut of games available.
What are NFT-based play-to-earn games? -Non-fungible tokens are gaming assets that will be used while playing a game on the blockchain. They can be purchased & used for the gaming experience.

All that is required is a Metamask wallet (or other similar wallets) extension & an address to get started on this journey. While playing one can earn daily income in crypto that is safely stored in the wallets.
If somebody is a gaming enthusiast, then playing to earn games is certainly the future that they should explore.
In order to play a blockchain game, one needs to purchase NFTs, which can be checked out from their website. However, by enrolling in Infinite Arcade's scholarship program gamers will be given NFTs for free in order to start their playing career.

These NFTs are handed for a revenue split between the gamers & the one offering you a scholarship. This simply means that gamers do not have to invest to earn & enter a revenue-sharing arrangement. This is like an income-generating opportunity & an additional source of income that gamers can make while having fun.
Infinite Arcade is revolutionizing the gaming industry through P2E games through its website. It has already achieved some milestones & has some important announcements coming soon:
Infinite Arcade has 15+ entertaining live games available on its website for players to choose from & will also host 200+ games end of this year
Teams Genesis Gamer NFTs were completely sold out soon after launch
NFT owners are earning in USD TIC, which is an in-game currency used on Infinite Arcade's platform
It is launching its 3rd Gamer NFT collection of 6,666 digital assets, which is open to whitelisted members for pre-sale on their website
In quarter 2 they are also planning a presale of their USD ARC token
If you are ready & interested to hop on to the gaming experience & income opportunities offered by Infinite Arcade, then you can fill up the form (Infinite Arcade Scholarship Application ( & check their website (Infinite Arcade) for all other details.
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