Harvey Weinstein convicted in New York trial

Harvey Weinstein convicted in New York trial

Feb 25, 2020

New York (USA), Feb 25: In the verdict delivered on Monday, Weinstein was found guilty of two charges -- sexually assaulting an assistant in 2006 and raping an actress in 2013.
The 67-year-old former movie mogul was acquitted of three other charges. He denied all allegations, saying the sexual contacts were consensual.
Sentencing is expected in March.
Once one of Hollywood's most high-profile producers , Weinstein released a string of Oscar-winning movies and also nurtured celebrated filmmakers.
But allegations surfaced three years ago that he had preyed on numerous women, including actresses and models. More than 80 women have since spoken out against him.
The scandal fuelled the #MeToo movement, inspiring women around the world to stand up against sexual misconduct.
Weinstein also faces sexual assault charges against two women in the state of California.
Source: NHK World