Harvey Weinstein contributed to 'every' Democrat candidate, says Clinton

Harvey Weinstein contributed to 'every' Democrat candidate, says Clinton

Feb 26, 2020

Washington (USA) Feb 26: Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton was asked Tuesday about donations she has received from now-convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein, to which she responded: he donated to "every" Democrat's campaign.
Clinton was attending the Berlin International Film Festival for the screening of her new Hulu documentary, "Hillary," when she was asked about Weinstein's Monday conviction.
The 67-year-old disgraced movie mogul, who has also been a prominent Democratic fundraiser, was found guilty of third-degree rape and criminal sex act. He was acquitted of the most severe charges of predatory sexual assault, of which there were two counts, and forcible rape.
"Well, I think that the jury's verdict really speaks for itself," she told the audience. "And it is obviously something that people have looked at and followed, because it was time for an accounting. And the jury clearly found that.''
Clinton was then asked about Weinstein's contributions to her campaign for president and responded: "He contributed to every Democrat's campaign."
"He contributed to Barack Obama's campaign, and John Kerry's campaign and Al Gore's campaign and everybody's campaign."
She continued: "I don't know whether that should chill anyone else from contributing to political campaigns, but it certainly should end the kind of behavior that he was just convicted for.''
Clinton's four-hour documentary will be released on Hulu in March.
Federal Election Commission data shows Hillary Clinton and affiliated fundraising groups received at least $54,990.45 throughout her campaigns for Senate and president, from 1999 to 2016.
Gore does not appear to be received any donation money other than that which was donated to the Bill Clinton/Gore primary committee, FEC records show.
However, Weinstein donated more than $72,000 to former President Barack Obama and affiliated parties between 2011 and 2012, data shows.
FEC records show Kerry received at least $28,500 between 2001 and 2004.
Trump was also asked about Weinstein on Tuesday during a press conference in India.
"I was never a fan of Harvey Weinstein," Trump responded when asked about Weinstein's Monday conviction.
Trump called the conviction a "great thing" and a "great victory" for women that "sends a very strong message" for the #MeToo movement against that kind of behavior toward women.
"The people who liked him were the Democrats," Trump continued. "Michelle Obama loved him, loved him. Hillary Clinton loved him."
The former Hollywood titan has also been known to show support for Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, a former New York City Mayor.
Meanwhile, Weinstein was hospitalized late Monday, after complaining of symptoms including chest pains, Variety reported.
His spokesperson told Reuters he'll be transferred to Rikers Island - one of the most notorious corrections complexes in the country - once "he no longer needs to be in a hospital."
Source: Fox News