Antique coins worth $25G discovered in attic

Antique coins worth $25G discovered in attic

Nov 25, 2020

South Carolina (USA) November 25: One South Carolina couple has given new meaning to the season of perpetual hope after stumbling upon antique coins worth $25,000 in their Columbia home.
Army vet James Mumford, 46, and his wife Clarrisa stumbled upon the coins, which date back to the 19th century, in two cases in the attic of their new home in Columbia, S.C., British news agency SWNS reports. Instead of cashing in on their newfound discovery, they decided to give them back to their rightful owner, who has chosen to remain anonymous.
"James happened to come across the coins in a leftover drawer, tucked away," Clarrisa, who owns a nearby catering company, told the news outlet. "The previous owners were elderly so I think he accidentally hid them from himself. He even admitted that he had completely forgotten about them."
The two cases contained 64 coins in total, including 46 gold $5 liberty coins and 18 Morgan silver dollars. The Liberty $5 coins were minted between 1849 and 1907, while the Morgan silver dollar was coined between 1878 and 1904.
Despite the incredible find, the Mumfords said they were never tempted to keep the coins as their own.
"We had no idea the coins would be worth that much, but regardless we knew who the previous owner was so, of course, we immediately gave them back," Clarrisa explained. "I keep joking with my husband that karma has to be on our side now."
In 2018, a New England man discovered a small gold coin with a $5 denomination from the San Francisco Mint during the height of the California Gold Rush that is now estimated to be worth "millions of dollars."
Source: Fox News